Weekly pool schedule is now being updated

The Valleycrest weekly pool schedule is now being updated.

You will always be able to find the current and next week’s schedule on this page.

Please report any errors or omissions.

Thank you.

Risto Klint

[email protected]


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VYC opens a week early!

VYC opens a week early!

Thanks to the hard work of everyone who showed up for last weekends Clean-Up Day, and to our fantastic maintenance guys, we will be able to add on an additional week to our originally planned Valleycrest season. The pool pre-season starts tomorrow, Saturday, June 6, at 1pm.

If you have yet to pay your membership, please do so as soon as possible. Your membership fee enables the pool to plan and budget activities for all our kids. Help the pool out — help the kids out!

This weekends pre-season opening hours:

Saturday, June 6 — 13:00-19:00
Sunday, June 7 — 13:00-19:00

The complete pre-season and regular season schedule will be posted on the
website in a couple of days.

Apologies for this late notice but there were a few last minute
kinks to iron out.

Regular season will start June 24th as planned.

Great news about pool sponsorships will be announced next week…

Your Valleycrest Pool Committee


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Clean-up day (Pictures 2009)

Clean-up day was wet – sunny – wet – very wet – cloudy… Thanks to everyone that defied the weather! We got a lot done despite nature.

Here are a few snapshots from pre-clean-up and clean-up day…. Post clean-up, painting and repairs are ongoing… but Al King can’t be caught on camera (he moves to fast).

I humbly apologize for not getting a shot of everyone but my camera would not have been able to take the worst of the weather, and there was real work to be done!


2009-clean-up-003 2009-clean-up-015 2009-clean-up-025 2009-clean-up-014 2009-clean-up-024

More pictures…

Thanks to everyone that showed up! Members contributing where they can, make the enjoyment of our pool possible.

Risto Klint
[email protected]

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Clean-up day – May 30, 2009

2009 VYC clean-up day

Just a friendly reminder that this coming Saturday, May 30th is pool clean-up day.

Come join us!

Time: 8:00 – 13:00.

If possible, bring rakes and brooms etc.

Your Valleycrest Pool Committee

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President’s message

President’s Message

April showers bring May flowers, and May flowers give way to 12 weeks of summer fun and laughter at our Valleycrest Pool.

As the newly appointed President of our Valleycrest swimming pool, it gives me great pleasure to welcome everyone in joining us this year to help us celebrate our 35th anniversary as we are planning a summer like no other.

The newly appointed Board members and myself are busily preparing this years activities taking into account not only playing host to the NAA Time Trials and the Senior Synchro Finals in August.

No Sir… We are also celebrating this pools Birthday. You see, 35 years ago, this year several brave people rolled up their sleeves and decided their community needed a safe haven for their children to be a part of. Thanks to these founders, today we reap the benefits of this pool for our children as well.

With a resounding 31 member turnout at our last Annual General Meeting of April 1, 2009, we voted in a newly appointed volunteer Board, who are already very active in preparing for what promises to be the most memorable summer in our history!

Come and join us, and visit our website VYCpool.com frequently to check out schedules and events in real-time.

Our family is looking forward to meeting yours!

We look forward to seeing all of you at the pool this summer.

The 2009 Valleycrest Pool schedule has tentatively been set as follows:

Pre-Season: June 13th to June 23rd – Times: TBD

Regular Season: June 24th to August 23rd – Times: TBD

Post-Season: August 24th to September 4rd – Times: TBD


Steve Sideris

[email protected]









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Swim big

Swim Big Training sessions are designed for swimmers 7 – 12 years old with some swimming experience. The cost is $25 per session.

Duration: 3 hours (Start: 8am End: 11an)

The program is run by Dollard Natation / Swimming.

Training sessions will include:

  • A qualified and experienced coaching staff
  • Stroke analysis and technique training
  • Swim workouts
  • Video analysis
  • Motivational speakers
  • Lunch for all participants
  • Prizes

The host pool will receive $100 per training session. (Minimum of 30 swimmers per session).

Swim Big Training Schedule

  1. At Valleycrest — Saturday June 20th: “Intro to Technique & Training” @ VYC
  2. Sunday June 21st: “Power Training- Butterfly and Freestyle” @ THO
  3. Saturday June 27th: “Cutting the Wave- Backstroke and Freestyle” @ SBK
  4. Sunday June 28th: “Pull-out Power- Breaststroke and Freestyle” @ THO
  5. Saturday July 4th: “Learning to Fly- Starts 1” @ WES
  6. Sunday July 5th: “Hitting the Wall- Turns 1” @ tbd
  7. Saturday July 18th: “Learning to Fly- Starts 2” @ FVW
  8. Sunday July 19th: “Hitting the Wall- Turns 2” @ STA
  9. Saturday July 25th: “Training Together- Relays” @ SBK
  10. Sunday July 26th: “NAA Time Trials Special” @ FVW
  11. At Valleycrest — Saturday August 2nd: “NAA Big Meet Special” @ VYC

Lifeguards will receive a $5 sign-up bonus for every swimmer he/she signs up.

Training sessions will begin June 20th 2009 and alternate between the different NAA pools. To pre-sign for a session or for more information, contact: [email protected]

Your Valleycrest Pool Committee


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General meeting – April 1, 2009

2009 VYC general meeting 

To all members of the Valleycrest Swimming Club,  

This year’s general meeting for shareholders will be held on

Wednesday, April 1st, 2009, at 7pm, in Pierrefonds Cultural Center,
13850 Gouin St. West in room 106.

This meeting will be of a great importance to all members to attend. Please remember that as shareholders you are co-owners of the pool. Your input and involvement are needed to continue to keep VYC a fun pool to which we are proud to be members. There are many positions on the Valleycrest Pool Committee that need to be filled. The committee for 2009 is presently as follows:

Co-Presidents – Lisa Goldsbrough and George Coussa
Vice President – Robin Clifford
Treasurer – Darlene Fairlie
Snack Shack – Linda Dargis and Jennifer Wells
Secretary/Registrar – Pat Cameron
Meet Manager – Lisa Goldsbrough
Gate Guard Manager – Lisa Goldsbrough
Guard Liaison – George Coussa

Below, you will find a list of available postings and the description of what is involved with that position. A description of each position will be provided at the meeting on April 1st.

Snack Shack
Meet Manager
Life-Guard Liasion-/Gate Guard Co-ordinator
Maintenance Manager
Events, Sponsorship and Fundraising
Web Designer

We hope to see all of you there,

The Valleycrest Pool Committee


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