Swim big

Swim Big Training sessions are designed for swimmers 7 – 12 years old with some swimming experience. The cost is $25 per session.

Duration: 3 hours (Start: 8am End: 11an)

The program is run by Dollard Natation / Swimming.

Training sessions will include:

  • A qualified and experienced coaching staff
  • Stroke analysis and technique training
  • Swim workouts
  • Video analysis
  • Motivational speakers
  • Lunch for all participants
  • Prizes

The host pool will receive $100 per training session. (Minimum of 30 swimmers per session).

Swim Big Training Schedule

  1. At Valleycrest — Saturday June 20th: “Intro to Technique & Training” @ VYC
  2. Sunday June 21st: “Power Training- Butterfly and Freestyle” @ THO
  3. Saturday June 27th: “Cutting the Wave- Backstroke and Freestyle” @ SBK
  4. Sunday June 28th: “Pull-out Power- Breaststroke and Freestyle” @ THO
  5. Saturday July 4th: “Learning to Fly- Starts 1” @ WES
  6. Sunday July 5th: “Hitting the Wall- Turns 1” @ tbd
  7. Saturday July 18th: “Learning to Fly- Starts 2” @ FVW
  8. Sunday July 19th: “Hitting the Wall- Turns 2” @ STA
  9. Saturday July 25th: “Training Together- Relays” @ SBK
  10. Sunday July 26th: “NAA Time Trials Special” @ FVW
  11. At Valleycrest — Saturday August 2nd: “NAA Big Meet Special” @ VYC

Lifeguards will receive a $5 sign-up bonus for every swimmer he/she signs up.

Training sessions will begin June 20th 2009 and alternate between the different NAA pools. To pre-sign for a session or for more information, contact: swim_big@live.com

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