Clean-up day (Pictures 2009)

Clean-up day was wet – sunny – wet – very wet – cloudy… Thanks to everyone that defied the weather! We got a lot done despite nature.

Here are a few snapshots from pre-clean-up and clean-up day…. Post clean-up, painting and repairs are ongoing… but Al King can’t be caught on camera (he moves to fast).

I humbly apologize for not getting a shot of everyone but my camera would not have been able to take the worst of the weather, and there was real work to be done!


2009-clean-up-003 2009-clean-up-015 2009-clean-up-025 2009-clean-up-014 2009-clean-up-024

More pictures…

Thanks to everyone that showed up! Members contributing where they can, make the enjoyment of our pool possible.

Risto Klint