We Need you for Summer 2013!

Is your child part of Valleycrest Swim team? Would you like to be pool side to see your child compete? or do you or someone you know just love the sport of swimming and would like to offer your time?

Your Valleycrest Vipers, winners of Division B 2012, will be advancing to Division A next year and we need certified officials for our swim meets. Your involvement is essential! We have very limited amount of parents who are trained to officiate the swim meets, leaving our Swim Meet Manager scrambling to find officials. The more people we have trained the the stronger Valleycrest will be, plus the benefits you receive being an official such as having fun working while being in the front row watching your own child compete, making new acquaintances and of course being an official you get food!!

Anyone over the age of 18 is welcome to attend free of charge. Upon completion you will be a certified Level 1 Swim Official to fulfill Timer and Safety Official positions and will receive a certification pin from the Federation de Natation du Quebec.

Sanctioned Federation de Natation du Quebec sessions for Level 1 – Timer and Safety Official Training

Saturday, October 20 – Vanier College – 2:00-3:30 or 3:30-5:00


Sunday, October 21 – John Abbot College – 5:00-6:30

If you are interested please contact Laura Derry for more information.