March 5, 2009

Specialty Programs

Valleycrest Aquatic Association offers several specialty programs. Do you

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Originally developed for patients undergoing physical rehabilitation, pregnant women and mobility-challenged people, Aquafit has since developed into a universal fitness program.

The classes consist of cardiovascular and muscle strengthening moves that use water resistance to generate forces, which against your body will work.

Classes are set to music, with the instructor demonstrating the moves from the pool deck, so that everyone can easily follow along from the water. Valleycrest will supply any equipment needed, such as pool noodles and flutter boards.

The main exercise moves include jogging, kicking, jumping, knee-ups and knee curls. Upper-body moves include punches and slices. Aquafit sessions also include arm, leg and back stretches to improve flexibility.

Private Lessons

Have you ever wanted to learn to swim? Are you able to swim, but you are looking to improve your skills? Private swimming lessons are available for all levels of ability.

These lessons are designed to develop or increase your comfort in the water through basic flotation, movement, and breathing skills. They will also foster the basic knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to stay safe in, on, and around the water.

Parent & Child Lessons

Together, parents and children learn how to be comfortable in the water through play with the guidance of an instructor. Children must be 6 months of age at the start of the swimming season (normally when all courses begin).