March 5, 2009


Valleycrest Aquatic Association offers the Bronze Cross and Bronze Medallion lifesaving courses.

Bronze Medallion teaches basic lifesaving principles. Students learn rescue procedures for both conscious and unconscious victims. Participants must be 13+ years of age, passed Red Cross Swim Kids level 10, or Olympic Way Silver level. Fees include the cost of the course manual and exam.

Bronze Cross continues the Lifesaving procedures taught in Bronze Medallion. Bronze Cross students are better prepared to assess dangerous areas and dangerous behaviours in order to keep aquatic facilities safe and prevent accidents. Participants must have successfully completed their Bronze Medallion. The course manual from Bronze Medallion is used again in Bronze Cross.

Classes are normally 2 hours, held twice per week, over 8 weeks during the summer. A theoretical and practical exam is held in mid/late August (exam date TBA).

Lifesaving courses are included in the basic membership cost, except for test and manual fees. Please refer to the Membership & Fees page for more information.

*Resident rates apply to Ville de Montreal residents. Proof of address may be required.