June 23, 2013

Swimming – Olympic Way

At Valleycrest we follow the Olympic Way for of swimming lessons. The Olympic Way is a dynamic, progressive program that teaches strokes through a logical progression of skills. Its goal is to develop strokes at a competitive level, focusing on Front Crawl, Backstroke, Breaststroke and Butterfly, while still offering swimmers a fun and educational experience.

There are 8 swimming levels, ranging in ability from beginner to accomplished swimmer. The detailed requirements for each level are listed below. A child must master every skill at each level before progression to the next. In order to preserve the integrity of each class, we reserve the right to transfer children who are not in the appropriate level.

Valleycrest also offers a Gold Plus course for children aged 10 to 16 who have completed the Gold level of the Olympic Way program but are too young to proceed to Lifesaving courses.

Important:  Please note the age requirements for each level.

WHITE (2-7 years)   **children must be 2 years old before the start of the session.
– Jump from side with bubble on, unassisted
.- Swim 12 m (1 width) with bubble on, forward swimming arms with directional control.
– Blow bubbles while swimming with bubble on.
– Swim 2 m unassisted (no jump), face in the water.
– Back float with head assistance- Pool Rules
  YELLOW (3-7 years)
– Jump in, unassisted.
– Demonstrate a front and a back glide – push off the wall, body at surface.
– Swim 12 m unassisted with no bubble, face in water.
– Front float and back float, unassisted (5 seconds).
– Pool Rules
GREEN (4-11 years)
– Push off wall streamline with kick – 6 m.
– Swim Front Crawl – 12 m (1 width) with face in water and arms out, begin breathing to the side
– Endurance swim – 24 m continously.
– Backstroke kick – 12 m (1 width) with head back and horizintal body position.
– Rolling floats (front to back, back to front).
– Retrieve item from bottom of pool.
– Pool Rules
– Water Safety Rules
RED (5-15 years)
– Submerged push off into streamline kick.
– Front Crawl – 25 m with breathing to the side, full arm extension and finished pull.
– Backstroke kick – 25 m horizontal body position, feet break surface of water.
– Backstroke – 12 m (1 width) with flat body position, straight arm recovery.
– Pool Rules
– Water Safety Rules
BLUE (6-16 years)
– Push off wall streamline position (back).
– Front crawl – 50 m bilateral breathing.
– Backstroke – 25 m continuous and alternating arms.
– Breaststroke kick – 25 m proper turnout of feet, forward propulsion.
– Back Sculling
– Pool Rules
– Water Safety Rules
BRONZE (7-16 years)
– Front Crawl – 50 m proper catch, pull, finish
– Backstroke – 50 m shoulder roll, steady kick
– Breaststroke – 50 m coordination of pull-breathe-kick-glide
– Introduction to starts
– Back Sculling
– Pool Rules
– Water Safety Rules
SILVER (8-16 years)
– Front Crawl – 75 m
– Backstroke – 75 m underwater arm action with catch-pull-finish
– Breaststroke – 75 m proper arm mechanics and timing
– Butterfly kick – 50 m legs together, full kick from hip
– Introduction to butterfly arms
– Introduction to flip turns
– Back Sculling
– Pool Rules
– Water Safety Rules
– Treading Water
GOLD (9-16 years)
– Front Crawl – 100 m
– Backstroke – 100 m
– Breaststroke – 100 m
– Butterfly – 50 m proper arm mechanics and timing
– Back Sculling
– Pool Rules
– Water Safety Rules
– Treading Water
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Program Overview

The VYC Guppy program will expose young children to the fun and team work involved with being a part of the VYC family.  The program is open to any child between the ages of 3 and 6 (and out of swim diapers).  It is a pre-team program for children who may not be ready for the demands of swim team and for those who cannot swim the length of the pool (25 meters) without stopping or taking a break to hold on to the lanes ropes.  The goal is for the guppies to learn basic stroke techniques and build confidence to swim the length of the 25-meter pool.

During this program, your swimmers will learn the basics of proper body position, floating skills as well as freestyle and backstroke. Our coaches start from the very basic components of each stroke and progress from there to help swimmers learn the technique of these strokes.  They will also introduce diving. 

This program is NOT for children who have not been exposed to the water.  The child must be safe in the water and exhibit some comfort and ease with getting in the pool.  The program is not a 1 on 1 swim lesson.  

Instructional focus is given on stroke and kicking technique to eventually prepare them for the competitive swim team.  

 VYC Guppy Format

The VYC Guppy program will run concurrent with swim team practice (in the shallow lanes).  The schedule is to accommodate families with older siblings on swim team.  Also, the guppies will experience and be included in all the fun on-deck activities that happen throughout the summer swim season. 

Wednesday: 11:45-12:30 (15 minutes on deck – 30 minutes in the water).

Friday: 12:00-12:30 (30 minutes in the water).

Starting Monday, June 24th 2019

Ending Friday, August 2nd 2019

A total of 12 lessons throughout the summer included in our Family/Individual Membership.