May 30, 2022

Our Sponsors

The Valleycrest Aquatic Association is actively pursuing sponsorship opportunities, which mutually benefit both our aquatic association and our sponsors. We offer four sponsorship levels, as follows:
Level 1 = Platinum sponsor
Full page ad in all of our programs (in the most prominent position, on the cover)

Level 2 = Gold sponsor
Full page ad in all of our programs (in a prominent position, on the first page, after the cover)

Level 3 = Silver sponsor
Half page ad in all of our programs

Level 4 = Bronze sponsor
Quarter page ad in all of our programs
This would be an annual agreement that would also include the following:
Your logo on our website and on our Facebook and Instagram feeds, positioned according to the levels above

Valleycrest Aquatic Association would distribute pamphlets for your business to our community of roughly 400 families. The pamphlets would also be distributed at the different competitions versus other pools (swimming, diving, water-polo, synchronized swimming), so they would touch an even broader base of people.
The pamphlets would state that your organization is supporting the Valleycrest Aquatic Association and would be provided by you. You could also provide promotions or discounts for the end user, at your discretion. For example, upon presenting the pamphlet, the customer would be entitled to a 10% discount on the purchase of your goods.

Your banner (any size that you currently possess) will be displayed on the interior of the pool fence during our competitive events (swimming, diving, water-polo, synchronized swimming). We will be hosting roughly 10-15 competitive events this summer.
If you do not possess a banner, we have a contact that you could purchase one from. For example, a 4’ x 8’ banner with your logo and contact info is about $125. The banner would remain in your possession and could then be used at any future events that your company participates in.

Exclusively this summer of 2022. The Valleycrest Pool has been chosen to host this summer’s 2022 NAA Annual Summer Swimmers Meet.  Valleycrest Pool is proud to welcome young athletes from the Northshore Aquatic Association’s roughly 19 member pools for a full day of swimming competitions. This event brings in many participants with their families. As far as sponsorship is concerned:
Your banner can be posted (see item 2 above)
Pamphlets will be handed out (see item 3 above)
Programs for the event will be handed out (see sponsorship levels above)

We remain at your disposal should you wish to discuss any of the items listed above, as well any other sponsorship ideas that you might have.

Do not hesitate to contact any one of our team members should you have any questions or concerns.

Best regards,

Mario Rossi (514) 653-3481,
Peter Campisi (514) 346-1568,
Robert Marcon (514) 601-6041.