March 5, 2009


The Valleycrest diving team welcomes everyone – of all ages and skill levels. Our coaches will find the right level of instruction for each person, depending on individual ability.

Everyone joining the diving program is taught proper diving techniques. As a diver progresses, more difficult dives are introduced. Typically, a diver is first taught a proper hurdle, when ready, basic front and back dives are encouraged.

More complex dives are taught when a diver feels ready.

All Northshore Aquatic Association clubs are divided into three levels. In order to compete:

  • Juniors (11 and Under) – Should be able to perform 3 different dives.
  • Intermediates (Between 12 and 14) – Should be able to perform 4 different dives.
  • Seniors (15 and Older) – Should be able to perform 5 different dives.

It is not a requirement to know a dive when joining the team – our coaches and more experienced divers will help everyone along. The goal is always to have one and all competing and having fun.

Why not try it? Everyone is encouraged to join diving at Valleycrest!

The diving team competes weekly against other N.A.A. pools throughout the season, in division meets. At the end of the regular season, semi-finals and finals feature eligible divers from all clubs.