March 5, 2009

Guppies (6 and under)

Valleycrest guppies

Dates, times and locations of meets and competitions are listed on the meets and competitions page when they become available. The practice times will be outlined in the pool schedule.


The Guppies program is intended for children 6 and under who might want to join the swim team someday. Classes focus on all basic swimming skills, such as the four-stroke, technique, starts, and turns etc. as well as general water and pool safety. Games and fun are of course also part of the experience.

There are no direct prerequisites for joining the guppies program, however the child wanting to learn and being comfortable (doesn’t necessarily need to know how to swim yet), in the water, is of course a given. The coaches will find the right level, to get all children involved and motivated.

Guppies normally have one “meet” with children from other pools. It is a social event where fun and play is the goal. Everyone of course get an awards ribbon! Details of the guppies meet will be announced a soon as it’s made available.