March 5, 2009



The Swim Team program

Day: Monday to Friday (5 times per week).
Coaches: To be announced.

Dates, times and locations of meets and competitions are listed on the meets and competitions page when they become available. The practice times will be outlined in the pool schedule.


The Swim Team program is typically for athletes 6 years and older.

Valleycrest swimmers practice 5 times a week in 60 minute sessions, scheduled according to age groups. The program prepares swimmers for competition.

Athletes are trained for endurance while at the same time technique and strokes are honed for competitive swimming. The swimmers are also coached in racing strategies, mental preparedness and focus.

Team spirit and fun are the main driving forces when building up Valleycrest swimmers’ conditioning, abilities and discipline.

The program does require a time commitment. The North Shore Aquatic Association (N.A.A.) season consist of 5 meets (or competitions) against clubs in the division. These meets take place consecutive Wednesdays, starting on the first Wednesday in July, and typically run from 6pm to 9:00pm. Warm-ups start at 5:30pm.

There are, in addition, divisional time trials (first Saturday in August) where the best swimmers from the 18 N.A.A. pools try to qualify for a championship meet (commonly referred to as the Big Meet (second Saturday in August)).

The Summer Swimmers Meet in July is for athletes who haven’t taken part in competitive swimming programs during the winter months (in the last 24 months). This competition typically takes place in the third week of July.

Through out the season, all Valleycrest swimmers will have a chance to compete and be cheered on by their teammates. Competition rules do limit the number of swimmers that may partake from a Club, but the coaches at VYC strive to include everyone, no matter the swimmer’s ability.

There is a limit to how many swimmers may partake in the Time Trials:

Each pool is only allowed to field two swimmers per age group and event (8 and under, and 10 and 11-year-olds have one extra heat), and a swimmer may only compete in 2 individual events plus 1 relay. The best 12 swimmers for each event and age group from all 18 N.A.A. clubs later compete in the Big Meet.

Swimming is a team sport, so all club swimmers are encouraged to join in and cheer on their teammates at these events!